Orthodox Prayer Ring to Blessed Virgin Mary in 925 Sterling Silver

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Orthodox Ring with the Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 grade), Blackening

Average weight: ~3.3-5.5 g / 0.11-0.16 oz

Technique: casting, blackening, handmade.

Symbolism and application of the item

The Orthodox ring with the prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary represents the union between the individual and the ...Church. It is intended to help one establish and maintain a prayerful relationship with God. Prayer rings like this one have played a protective role and encouraged pious deeds since ancient times.

Inscribed upon this particular ring are the words from a penitential song to the Blessed Virgin Mary: "Mother of God, guide me on the path to salvation". By saying this prayer, we admit to our sins and ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to guide us on the long and arduous path to salvation, which is understood as the healing of sin and the subsequent return of the person to their pristine condition. The prayer is sung in the church from the week of the Publican and the Pharisee until the fifth week of Lent.

Technical details of the ring

The ring is made from grade 925 sterling silver decorated with blackening. The compact design and small weight (from 0.11-0.16 oz depending on the size) makes the ring quite inconspicuous. It is a universal item that can be worn at all times, regardless of the occasion or outfit. The ring makes a perfect gift for a spouse who wishes to deepen their relationship with God. Besides, it is an excellent gift for a child who is relocating to help them remind themselves of their obligation to pray.