Byzantine Signet Christian Wedding Ring, Master Jeweler Yuri Fedorov

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Byzantine Wedding Signet Ring

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 grade), 24K Gilding

Average weight: 0.35 - 0.53 oz (10 - 15 g)

Technique: casting, gilding, blackening, handmade.

Technical details of the Byzantine Wedding Signet Ring

The Byzantine wedding signet rinks are made from grade 925 sterling silver. They are decorated with blackening and 24K gold gilding. Depending ...on the size, the rings can weigh 0.35 - 0.53 oz (10 - 15 g). Being quite conspicuous and large, they may add an excellent finishing touch to any wedding ceremony.

Appliance and symbolism of the item

Our Byzantine wedding signet rings could be a perfect gift for a young couple. Being large and ornate, they may make the wedding ceremony more memorable and complement the newlyweds’ clothes. Later, they can be worn by the spouses both as a memento of the wedding and an everyday reminder of the sacral meaning of marriage.

The signet rings are made in accordance with an ancient and long-forgotten Byzantine tradition. The upper shield of the ring is shaped like a cross of Greek proportions and represents the Church. The outer surface of the shield carries the Greek inscription: ΕΚ ΘΕΟΥ ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ (with God’s consent). The inscription is surrounded by the words of the 13th verse of Psalm 5 in Church Slavonic. The inside of the shield carries the traditional Greek wedding wishes, ΧΑΡΙΣ (grace) and ΥΓΙΕΙΑ (health), written in a cruciform shape.

Why should one buy this ring?

This Byzantine ring could be a perfect wedding or even a wedding anniversary gift as it is:
  • Solid, gilded with the best quality, highest probe gold;
  • Is created by a famous jeweler, an expert in Russian and Byzantine art, Yuri Fedorov;
  • Believed to bring good luck to the couples.
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