Christian Orthodox Ring CHRIST’S FISHES in 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold Filled

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$ 79


Christian Orthodox Ring CHRIST'S FISHES

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 grade), 24K Gilding, Blackening

Average weight: 6.5 grams

Technique: casting, gilding, blackening, handmade

Symbolism and application of the item

This is one of the most excellent rings I've ever seen. Do you know, that if in the Greek language, you take the first ...letters of the words Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Saviour, you'll get the word "Ichthys", which means "fish"? So the first Christians started using the image of the fish as the secret sign of the Lord on stamps, lamps, dishes and etc. As many apostles were fishermen, fishing can be compared to converting people to a new belief. And, please, don't forget that one of the Lord's miracles was feeding five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. The holy fathers interpreted it as a prototype of the Eucharist and the fish began to be depicted together with grapes, the symbol of the Blood of Christ. This symbolic ornament decorates the ring with the prayer to the Most Holy Trinity "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us". This ring can be a nice gift to any believer who needs God's help and mercy.

Why should you buy this item?
  • It is made with great love and attention to detail;
  • The ornament of fishes and grapes is very decorative;
  • The ring is hand-made and gilded with the best quality gold.
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