St. ANNA Orthodox hand painted icon of the Mother of God

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St. ANNA Orthodox hand painted icon of the Mother of God

Materials: Natural Pigments, a Lime-tree Wood Board, 24K Gold Leaf, Varnish

Size of the Icon: A4 11.7x8.3 inches/ 29,7x21 cm, Thickness 1.2 inch/ 3 cm.

Technique: Egg Tempera technique, Hand Painted

Saint Anna ...was the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. She is revered in the Eastern Orthodox Church for her piety, devotion, and humility. Anna and her husband, Joachim, had been married for many years but were unable to conceive a child. Despite their deep sorrow, they remained faithful to God and continued to pray for a child.

One day, an angel appeared to Anna and told her that she would give birth to a daughter who would be blessed among women. The angel also told Anna that her daughter would be dedicated to serving God from a young age. Joachim was also visited by an angel who told him the same news. Anna gave birth to a daughter and named her Mary. She was raised with a strong faith and love for God.

In this Byzantine-style Orthodox icon, Saint Anna is depicted holding the infant Virgin Mary on her knee. Mary is holding a flower in her hand, symbolizing her purity and innocence. Anna is shown without a crown, signifying her humility and devotion to God. The background of the icon is adorned with 24K gold leaf, adding to its beauty and significance.


RELATIONSHIP: The icon depicts the loving relationship between Saint Anna and the Virgin Mary, highlighting the importance of family and intergenerational connections in the Christian faith.

SYMBOLISM: The flower held by the Virgin Mary is a symbol of her purity and innocence, representing her as the perfect vessel for God's grace.

PIETY: Saint Anna's piety and devotion to God are reflected in her humble posture and lack of a crown, demonstrating her focus on serving God rather than seeking earthly power.

TRADITION: The use of 24K gold leaf in the background is a traditional element of Byzantine-style icons, adding to the historical and cultural significance of the piece.

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE: The icon serves as a reminder of the central role of Mary in the Christian faith, as well as the importance of family and devotion to God in our daily lives. It is a beautiful and meaningful piece that inspires reflection and contemplation.

Technical details:

– Icon painted by Romanian Orthodox iconographer Nicolae;
– Excellent quality hand-painted icon;
– Natural pigments;
– 24K gold plated and varnished;
– Icon painted on lime wood panel.

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