Hand Painted Orthodox Icon of the Virgin Mary GLYKOPHILOUSA

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Hand Painted Orthodox Icon of the Virgin Mary GLYKOPHILOUSA, painted by Orthodox mother Neonila

Materials: Natural Pigments, a Lime-tree Wood Board, 24K Gold Leaf, Varnish

Size of the Icon: A4 11.7x8.3 inches/ 29,7x21 cm, Thickness 1 inch/ 2.5 cm.

Technique: Egg Tempera technique, Hand ...Painted

History of the icon

The icon originally belonged to Victoria, the pious wife of Senator Symeon. Victoria worshipped the holy icons, but Symeon found the veneration of icons distasteful. Symeon told his wife to give him her icon to burn. Victoria threw the icon into the sea to save it, and it floated away, standing upright on the waves. After a few years, the icon appeared on the shores of Mount Athos, near the Monastery of Philotheou, where it was received with great honor. A spring of holy water sprang up where the monks had placed the icon on the shore. The icon brought many miracles.

The icon of Glykophilousa belongs to the category of icons of Eleousa (the Virgin of Tenderness). Here you can see and feel the love shown by the Christ child to his mother. The icon is commemorated by the Church on 27 March and also on Easter Monday.

Technical details:

• Icon painted in Romanian Orthodox monastery by Mother Neonila;
• Excellence quality hand-painted icon;
• Natural pigments;
• 24K gilded and varnished;
• Icon painted on a Lime-tree Wood Board.

The uniqueness of an icon:

• This icon exudes tenderness, kindness, and love;
• The letters MP OY mean Meter Theou – “Mother of God”;
• The letters IC XC N mean “Jesus Christ Conquers”.

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