Hand Painted Byzantine Orthodox Icon SAINT PANTELEIMON

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Hand-Painted Byzantine Orthodox Icon Of Holy Great Martyr and Healer Saint Panteleimon/ Iconographer Nicolae

Materials: Natural Pigments, a Lime-tree Wood Board, 24K Gold Leaf, Varnish

Size of the Icon: A4 11.7x8.3 inches/ 29,7x21 cm, Thickness 1.2 inch/ 3 cm.

Technique: Egg Tempera technique, Hand ...Painted

St Panteleimon, also known as Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary, was born in Nicomedia, Turkey, the son of the pagan Eustorgios and the Christian Euboula. After his mother's death, he was sent to a pagan school and later studied medicine under the renowned physician Euphrosynos. He came into contact with the hieromartyrs Hermolaos, Hermippos and Hermokrates, survivors of the massacre of 20,000 Christians in 303. St Hermolaos invited Panteleimon to his home and talked to him about Christianity. After the miracle of reviving a dead child and killing a poisonous snake, Panteleimon was baptised by St Hermolaos with the name Panteleimon (meaning "all-merciful"). He then dedicated his life to the suffering, the sick, the unfortunate and the needy, treating all who came to him free of charge in the name of Jesus Christ. His fame spread throughout the city and people began to turn to him alone. The envious doctors informed Emperor Maximian that Panteleimon was curing Christian prisoners. The emperor urged Panteleimon to sacrifice to the idols, but he refused and confessed himself to be a Christian. He was severely tortured, but remained unharmed and denounced the emperor. Finally, he was beheaded and the olive tree to which he was tied was covered with fruit. His servants recorded his life, suffering and death. Parts of his holy relics were distributed throughout the Christian world, and his venerable head is now in the Russian monastery of St Panteleimon on Mount Athos. St Panteleimon is venerated in the Orthodox Church and is celebrated on 27 July.


1. HEALING PROPERTIES: The St. Panteleimon icon is believed to have healing powers, and many people pray before the icon for the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones.

2. PATRONAGE: St. Panteleimon is the patron saint of physicians and healthcare workers, and the icon is often displayed in hospitals and medical facilities as a symbol of hope and comfort.

3. ICONOGRAPHY: St. Panteleimon is sometimes depicted alongside other saints in Orthodox iconography, he is more commonly depicted alone, without any other saints present. The icon is painted in the traditional Byzantine style, featuring vivid colors, intricate details, and gold leaf accents that reflect the beauty and richness of the Orthodox faith.

4. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The veneration of St. Panteleimon dates back to the early days of Christianity, and the saint has been an important figure in the Orthodox Church for centuries.

5. POPULARITY: The St. Panteleimon icon is one of the most popular icons in the Orthodox tradition, and is widely used in both personal devotion and public worship. It is often depicted in a traditional style, with vivid colors and intricate details that reflect the beauty and richness of the Orthodox faith.

Technical details:

– Icon painted by Romanian Orthodox iconographer Nicolae;
– Excellent quality hand-painted icon;
– Natural pigments;
– 24K gold plated and varnished;
– Icon painted on lime wood panel.

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