Russian Orthodox Hand Painted Virgin Mary Icon FEODOROVSKAYA

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Hand-Painted Russian Orthodox FEODOROVSKAYA Icon of the MOTHER Of GOD, painted in Romania, by Orthodox iconographer Simona

Materials: Natural Pigments, a Lime-tree Wood Board, 24K Gold Leaf, Varnish

Size of the Icon: appr. A4 11.4x8.3 inches/ 29x21 cm, Thickness 1 inch/ 2.5 cm.

Technique: ...Egg Tempera technique, Hand Painted

History of the icon

The Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God was lost during the Mongol invasion of Russia in the 13th century but was miraculously rediscovered a few months later by Prince Vasily of Kostroma while hunting in the forest. Several centuries later, the first Romanov tsar, Michael, was blessed by his mother with a copy of the icon on his accession to the throne. It became the patron icon of the Romanov family. Today the original icon is kept in the Theophany Cathedral in Kostroma. The original icon is primitive and makes a strong impression. Over the years artists have tried to soften the features of the icon and make it more attractive. I think their work was a complete success.

Technical details:

• Icon painted by Romanian iconographer Iuliana;
• Excellence quality hand-painted icon;
• Natural pigments;
• 24K gilded and varnished;
• Icon painted on a Lime-tree Wood Board.

The uniqueness of an icon:

• This icon hung in the private bedroom of the last tsar’s wife Alexandra, who was a very religious woman.
• During WWII the icon disappeared, but then it was rediscovered and brought to Feodorovsky Cathedral, which was dedicated to this icon.
• A distinctive characteristic of the icon is the left leg of Jesus, which is depicted bare to the knee.

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