CHRIST PANTOCRATOR Hand Painted Byzantine Orthodox Icon/ Egg Tempera/ Orthodox Iconographer Nicolae/ 24K Gold Leaf

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Hand Painted Byzantine Orthodox Icon of Christ Pantokrator (Pantocrator), painted in Romania, by Orthodox iconographer Nicolae

Materials: Natural Pigments, a Lime-tree Wood Board, 24K Gold Leaf, Varnish

Size of the Icon: A4 11.7x8.3 inches/ 29,7x21 cm, Thickness 1.2 inch/ 3 cm.

Technique: Egg Tempera ...technique, Hand Painted

History of the icon

Christ Pantocrator ( Pantokrator) is the specific representation of Christ. "Pantocrator" means "Almighty" and is derived from one of the many names of God in Judaism. Christ Pantocrator suggests that Christ is a kind but stern, all-powerful judge of humanity. The icon of Christ Pantocrator is one of the most common religious images in Orthodox Christianity. The image of Christ Pantocrator was one of the first images of Christ to be developed in the early Christian church, where we see Christ holding the New Testament in his left hand and making the gesture of teaching or blessing with his right hand. His left-hand holds a closed book with a richly decorated cover depicting the cross, representing the Gospels. The oldest known surviving example of this icon was painted in the 6th or 7th century. It was preserved in the monastery of St Catherine in the remote Sinai desert. The icon usually has a gold ground, comparable to the gilded grounds of Byzantine mosaics.

Technical details:

• Icon painted in Romanian Orthodox monastery by Mother Neonila;
• Excellence quality hand-painted icon;
• Natural pigments;
• 24K gilded and varnished;
• Icon painted on a Lime-tree Wood Board.

The uniqueness of the icon:

• Christ’s fingers are depicted in a graceful pose that represents the letters IC, X, and C.
• Christ has a cruciform halo inscribed with the letters Ο Ω Ν, meaning ” He who is”.
• Christ’s gaze is melancholic and stern, deeply penetrating into your soul.

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