Enamel Orthodox cross pendant “Cross of Calvary with Crescent. ВВВВ Cryptogram”

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Size: 33х20 mm / 1.30х0.79 in
Weight: ~4,7 g / ~0.14 oz...p>

Enamel Orthodox cross pendant “Cross of Calvary with Crescent. ВВВВ Cryptogram”

Owing to the enamel in vivid contrasting colors, the exterior of this cross pendant is very festive and joyous-looking. This makes it a good choice of gift for a child who is in need of a new cross pendant. However, the design and content of the cross pendant “Cross of Calvary with Crescent. ВВВВ Cryptogram” are universal. It is suitable for every Christian and can serve as a joyful everyday reminder of Christ’s Resurrection and Victory.

The symbolism of the enameled cross pendant is “Cross of Calvary with Crescent. ВВВВ Cryptogram”

With regard to the style and ornamentation, this cross is reminiscent of certain Russian pectorals made in the 12th century. The inscriptions and the iconography of the Calvary Cross, on the other hand, are typical for 17th-century Russian crosses.

The front depicts an eight-pointed cross of Calvary against a white background with Adam’s head at the foot. In the center, there is a crescent-like shape, or “tsata”, which represents the rank of King and High Priest. The “tsata” refers to the Savior as the King of Glory and signifies His victory over hell. In addition, it designates Him as the High Priest Who has committed a redemptive sacrifice for the sake of mankind. This is confirmed by the inscription on the cross, which is deciphered as “Jesus Christ, the King of Glory”. These words glorify Christ’s heroic act and allude to His Ascension into glory. Adam’s head, which is traditionally shown under the Cross of Calvary, reminds us that Christ’s sacrifice atoned for the original sin. The image first appeared in the 9th century and later became an almost mandatory attribute of the Calvary Cross.

The white background, which is a symbol of Heaven in icon painting, retains the same meaning on pectoral crosses. The color white corresponds to the widespread Church Slavonic cryptogram “МЛРБ”, or “место лобно Рай бысть”. This phrase is translated as “the place of execution has become paradise” and alludes to mankind regaining the long-lost paradise. Enamel in other colors has also been used in keeping with Christian symbolism. Blue stands for mystery, eternity, truth, revelation, wisdom, and divine incomprehensibility, and is the color of the Apostles’ clothes. Green stands for spring and vegetation. As such, it signifies the victory of life over death and the Eternal Life bestowed upon us by our Saviour. Green designates Christ as the Giver of Life and the Cross as the Tree of Life. Red stands for the cleansing fire of Heaven and life-giving warmth, and, in the latter case, for life and blood. Therefore, it serves as a symbol of sacrifice and Easter. Yellow or gold is treated as the likeness of the uncreated Divine Light and an absolute metaphor for God: “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5).

On the back, continuing the theme of re-claiming the lost Paradise, there is a floral pattern on a white background. In the middle one can see the cryptogram “BBBB”, taken to mean “возвращение вечное верных в Рай” (“the eternal return of the faithful into Heaven”), or, according to another interpretation, “велие веселие в него верующих” (“great is the joy of those who believe in Him”, “the great joy of those who believe in Him”).

Technical details of the enameled cross pendant “Cross of Calvary with Crescent. ВВВВ Cryptogram”

The pendant is crafted from grade-925 sterling silver and decorated with hot enamel in white and two different shades of bright blue. The edges of the cross are plated with 24kt gold. The cross pendant is quite small, with dimensions of 33×20 mm, and a weight of less than 5 g. As a result, it is convenient to wear and can easily be concealed underneath one’s clothes.

About Master Jeweler Yuri Feodorov

Yuri Feodorov has spent over 35 years working with small sculptural items of an iconographic nature. He has created several collections of personally sacred items produced using a special casting technique, including cross pendants, scapular, and foldable icons. In addition, the artist has studied ancient Russian and Byzantine art and participated in archaeological expeditions and thematic exhibitions of Orthodox artwork.

Y. Feodorov’s collection is constantly exhibited at jewelry exhibitions and exhibitions of Orthodox items in Russia and abroad.

The artist’s work has received numerous awards, including several orders from the Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation. Y. Feodorov has repeatedly received incentives from the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and won prizes at various exhibitions and contests.

It is important to mention that this item is made in Y. Feodorov’s workshops and together with the hallmark imprinted on the item it also has the passport of authenticity (shown in the picture).