Christian Orthodox Necklace Pendant HOLY MARTYR NATALIA. PRAYER, with Russian TSATA

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Christian Orthodox Necklace Pendant HOLY MARTYR NATALIA. PRAYER, with Russian TSATA

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 grade), 24K Gilding, Blackening

Average weight: 2 + 3.4 grams

Size: 27 x 20 mm (including the bail)

Technique: casting, gilding, blackening, handmade.

Symbolism and application of the item

I'd like to say, that this icon pendant is dedicated to a story. To great and endless love between Natalia and her husband Adrian. They were from rich and known families. They married young and lived together for only one year. Adrian and Natalia lived in Nicomedia during the time of Emperor Maximian in the early fourth century. The twenty-eight-year-old Adrian was head of the praetorium. It is said that while presiding over the torture of a band of Christians, he asked them what reward they expected to receive from God. He was so amazed at their courage that he publicly confessed his faith, though he had not yet been baptized. He was then immediately imprisoned. He was forbidden visitors but accounts state that his wife Natalia came to visit him, dressed as a boy, to ask for his prayers when he entered Heaven. When the day of the execution was announced, Adrian was allowed to go home to inform his wife about the day of his death, apparently hoping that the young aristocrat at home would come to his senses. Saint Natalia decided that her husband had renounced Christ and therefore he was released. In grief, she did not even want to let him go home until he convinced her that he had not fled from the torment, but had come to inform her of their date. Saint Adrian was cruelly tortured. The emperor advised him to take pity on himself and call on the gods, but his faithful wife was next to the martyr. She never ceased to strengthen her husband and asked him to pray to God that she would not be forced to marry a pagan after his death. Finally, the emperor ordered all the sufferers to be quartered, beating off their arms and legs on an anvil. Saint Natalia, fearing that her husband, seeing the sufferings of other martyrs, would shake in spirit, begged the executioners to begin the execution with him. Saint Natalia took her husband's hand and kept it at home, deciding to end her days of involuntary seclusion. But soon the commander of the army asked the emperor for permission to marry a young and wealthy widow. Learning of this, Saint Natalia fled to Byzantium, and here her husband appeared to her in a dream and promised that the Lord would soon put her to rest. The exhausted Natalia really soon died. The memory of the holy martyrs Adrian and Natalia is celebrated by the Church on September 8. On the reverse side of the icon is the text of the prayer to the martyr Natalia: "Holy saint of God Natalia, pray to God for me, a sinner".

Why should you buy this item?
  • A miniature icon pendant can be worn as a stand-alone product, or you can supplement it with an enamel half-moon-shaped pendant called “tsata”;
  • All details are very realistic and accurate;
  • This pendant reminds you of faithful love.
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