Small Orthodox Cross Necklace GOD ALMIGHTY. GOD, SAVE AND PROTECT ME

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Small Orthodox Cross Necklace GOD ALMIGHTY. GOD, SAVE AND PROTECT ME

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 grade), 24K Gilding, Blackening

Average weight: 3.0 grams

Size: 24x11 mm (including the bail)

Technique: casting, gilding, blackening, handmade.

Symbolism and application of the item

A small pectoral cross is made in the shape of a quadrifolium (...from the Latin quadrifolium - four-leafed). The ancient form of quadrifolia has been used in Russia to create pectoral crosses since the 14th century. In the quadrifolium, the square, the sign of the earth, intersects with the rhombus, signifying the Divine Glory and Heavenly Jerusalem, and a visible image of the union of the created and the eternal is created. The obverse of the cross depicts the Lord Almighty. He blesses with his right hand, in his left he holds the open book of the New Testament - the law of love, which He fulfilled with His life. The ends of the crossbeams are decorated with stylized lily-shaped ornaments as a sign of sublime spiritual love. In Christianity, the lily is a symbol of perfect trust in God, moral purity, spiritual beauty, and virgin love. On the reverse side is a prayer: "Lord, save and protect."
The cross is very nice and comfortable as it can be worn under your clothes. It gives you hope and power.

Why should you buy this item?
  • It reminds you of the three main Christian virtues;
  • It gives you more strength and hope;
  • It is a nice, handmade piece of jewelry.
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