Christian Necklace Pendant GUARDIAN ANGEL in 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold Filled

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Christian Necklace Pendant GUARDIAN ANGEL

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 grade), 24K Gilding, Blackening

Average weight: 1.7 grams

Size: 23 x 9 mm (including the bail)

Technique:  casting, gilding, cubic zirconia, blackening, handmade.

Symbolism and application of the item

Each of us gets our guardian angel when we get baptized. It is like God's gift. ...He gives you a friend and a protector for the whole of your life. He accompanies you all your life until your death, and after death escorts your soul through heavenly sufferings.
The Orthodox deeply believe in Guardian Angels and try not to upset them with their sins.
This pendant- a pectoral cross ( as the angel carries the cross of our Lord in his little hands) can be worn by a child and by an adult as well - it is so nice and delicate.

Why should you buy this item?
  • It is so full of joy, I hope you can feel it;
  • It is hand-made from silver and cubic zirconia, which is very similar to diamonds in refractivity and appearance. It is gilded as well;
  • It is interesting that cubic zirconia has another name – “fianit”, given to it by Soviet scientists.
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