Christian Charm Pendant A SMALL FEATHER in 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold Filled

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Christian Charm Pendant A SMALL FEATHER

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 grade), 24K Gilding

Average weight: 0.7 grams

Size: 20 x 6 mm (including the bail)

Technique: casting, gilding, blackening, handmade.

Symbolism and application of the item

This pendant is like a small, soft feather, which has fallen from the wing of your Guardian Angel. ...According to Sergey Bulgakov, each man has a guardian angel who stands before the face of the Lord. This guardian angel is not only a friend and a protector, who preserves from evil and who sends good thoughts; the image of God is reflected in the creature angels and men in such a way that angels are celestial prototypes of men. Guardian angels are especially our spiritual kin. Scripture testified that the guardianship and direction of the elements, of places, of peoples, of societies, are confided to the guardian angels of the cosmos, whose very substance adds something of harmony to the elements they watch over. This pendant could be a nice present to a child on the occasion of his/her baptism.

Why should you buy this item?
  • It is a real piece of jewelry;
  • It is an example of great craftsmanship;
  • It is gilded with the best quality gold.
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