Christian Charm GAUDEAMUS

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Christian Charm GAUDEAMUS, from Anastasia Atelier, St Petersburg

Materials:  Sterling Silver (925 grade), 24K Gilding, Blackening

Average weight: 5 grams

Size: 9 * 9 mm

Technique:  casting, gilding, blackening, handmade.

Symbolism and application of the item

This student anthem I ...had to learn by heart and I'll never forget it. Gaudeamus (lat. Gaudeamus – rejoice) is a student anthem, known since the Middle Ages. It was composed of students from either Heidelberg or Paris University. The anthem is literally saturated with the vitality characteristic of youth! It also extends toasts to study and teachers.

We decided to create a bead for educational assistance and place on it images of the Holy Patrons of all students, teachers, and ideas of enlightenment: St. Sergius of Radonezh – he serves prayers for educational assistance on September 1, Saint Tatyana – the heavenly patroness of all students, and the images of creators of the Cyrillic alphabet – Saints Cyril and Methodius. Venerable Sergius of Radonezh was a spiritual leader and monastic reformer of medieval Russia. Saint Tatiana was a Christian martyr in 3rd-century Rome during the reign of Emperor Alexander Severus. She was a deaconess of the early church. Saints Cyril and Methodius were two brothers who were Byzantine Christian theologians and Christian missionaries. Through their work, they influenced the cultural development of all Slavs. I am quite sure, that with such heavenly protection any student, wearing these beads will achieve great results in his/her studies.

Why should you buy this item?

•    You can help your children to feel more protected and to achieve  better results;
•    Wearing  a necklace or a bracelet from these beads, your child will gain more self-confidence and motivation to study;
•    The saint patrons share their wisdom and lust for knowledge.

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