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Foldable Easter Egg Pendant "Descend into Hell. The Prophet Jonah" – Dona Dei


Foldable Easter Egg Pendant “Descend into Hell. The Prophet Jonah”

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Sterling Silver 925 / 24 kt Gold Gilding (999), Hot Enamel
Size: 33 х 18 mm / 1.3 х 0.71 in
Weight : ~17,0 g / 0.63 oz
Model: 1999

Size: 33 х 18 mm / 1.3 х 0.71 in
Weight : ~17,0 g / 0.63 oz

Enamel Easter egg pendant “Descend into Hell. The Prophet Jonah”

The enamel Easter egg pendant “Resurrection” may be a tasteful and charming Easter gift for a loved one. It can be worn as a constant reminder of Christ’s resurrection and His victory over death.

Symbolism of the enamel Easter egg pendant “Descend into Hell. The Prophet Jonah”

The main theme of this item is the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The outer surface of the egg conveys the idea of the Resurrection through symbolic means. Namely, it contains two images from the story of the prophet Jonah. The first, one can see the ship which Jonah sailed and the huge fish that swallowed him. In the second, one can see the regurgitation of Jonah by the sea monster.

It was this theme that was often employed in ancient Christian art as the prototype of the Resurrection. Later, it was adopted by Byzantine, Russian and Western European art and retained the same meaning. Such symbolism is based on the clear instruction coming from Jesus Christ Himself: “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” (Matthew XII, 40).

The color gamut used for our item is meant to ensure a correct symbolic reading. Here, red represents sacrifice, and Easter, green represents Eternal Life, dark blue represents divine incomprehensibility and light blue represents repentance.

On the internal surface of the two halves, the theme of the Resurrection is revealed iconographically and liturgically. One of the halves contains the icon titled “Descent into Hell”. This iconography of the Resurrection portrays the event as an act of the people’s salvation by the Lord. This was supported by the prophetic books of the Old Testament, the text of the Psalter, the Gospel of Matthew (XXVII, 52-53), the Apostle Peter’s statement (First epistle, III, 19), and the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus.

With time, “Descent into Hell” received a profound development and became the main Resurrection-related in Byzantine and Russian ecclesiastical art.

On our item, Jesus Christ in His Glory stands on the broken gates of hell. His hands are stretched out to Adam and Eve. Behind Adam, one can see the kings David and Solomon and John the Baptist. Behind Eve there are Moses, Abraham, and Abel.

Inscribed on the second half of the egg is the Troparion for Holy Easter in Church Slavonic: “Christ has arisen from the dead, having overcome death with death and granted life to those in the tombs.”

Technical details of the enamel Easter egg pendant “Descend into Hell. The Prophet Jonah”

The Easter egg pendant is cast from grade-925 sterling silver and consists of two foldable halves. It is decorated with 24 kt gold gilding and hot enamel in four different colors. The small size and weight of the egg make it quite comfortable to wear.


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Уважаемые покупатели!

Обращаем ваше внимание на то, что изготовление изделий с эмалями – ручной труд, и ни одно конкретное изделие не похоже в точности на другое. Это и придает им уникальную индивидуальность и ценность. Пожалуйста, указывайте при заказе желаемую цветовую гамму (доминирующий цвет), и положитесь на художественный вкус и мастерство наших эмальеров.

Предлагаемое пасхальное яйцо имеет цельную оболочку и полость внутри. Поверхность яйца украшена горячей эмалью в 3–4 цвета. На ней изображен рас­ти­тель­ный орнамент, где главным формообразующим эле­ментом является цветок лилии (по-славянски «крин»). Мотив лилии широко распространен в византийском и древнерусском орнамен­те. Это древний символ жизни и обнов­ления природы. И в этом контексте он является символом Воскресения и вос­становления утраченного рая. Также учитывая, что лилия тра­диционно изобра­жает­ся с тре­мя лепестками, она является сим­волом Святой Живоначальной Троицы. А как символ чистоты и непорочности лилия часто явля­ется знаком Девы Марии.

Šis Velykų kiaušinis turi vientisą išorinį lukštą ir ertmę viduje. Paviršių puošia 3-4 spalvų emalės ornamentas, kurio pagrindinis elementas – lelijos trimis žiedlapiais žiedas.

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