Braided leather cord with end-crimps and hook (with ornament)

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Sterling Silver 925 / 24 kt Gold Gilding (999), blackening, leather/silk
Length: varies from 55 cm to 70 cm / 21.5 – 27.5 in
Model: 2009

This cord, intended for a cross pendant or scapular, has been woven from high-quality real leather in black. Inside there is a core made from nylon string, which prevents the leather from stretching and significantly increases the strength of the cord.

Wearing crosses on leather cords is an ancient custom associated with the 12th-13th century tradition of making so-called “pletsy” – monastic paramans that consisted of woven leather cords and crosses. In this case, animal skins represented the mortification of the flesh.

Apart from having an important symbolic significance, the cord is a convenient choice for those who wish to wear a cross pendant continuously.

The ends of the cord have silver crimps with gilded fragments.

The crimps come in two different types. The first type (item number SS076) is shaped like the twisted bulb-like cupola of a Russian Orthodox Church. Inscribed along the rim of the crimp there is the text of the shortest and most ancient prayer: Гдcи помилуй  (“Lord, have mercy”).

The second type (item number SS077) is similar to the helmet-like cupola of a Byzantine church. The rim is decorated with an ornament in the Byzantine style.

The end-crimps are joined together using a loop-shaped hook.

This method of linking cords or chains together has been in use since antiquity and is among the simplest and most reliable. The crimp is threaded through the eye of the cross and joined to the hook, which is then attached to the other crimp.


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    Ideally complements my Cross of Calvary! Very fast delivery, Thank you Dona Dei

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