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The significance of sacred symbols and the need to exercise caution while choosing them

Sacred symbols create a connection with the spiritual reality and are the only possible manifestation of this reality in the material world. The careful and responsible use of sacred symbols allows one to maintain the unity between the form and the content and to properly use these symbols to express the Truth. This has a positive impact on a person and directs their spiritual feelings in the right direction - toward the nature of God and His Resurrection, by which He conquered death and gave us all eternal life....More

Why should a Christian wear a cross pendant?

The Sign of the Cross protects our souls, as well as our families, loved ones and environment. Wearing a cross is first and foremost a sign and profession of the Christian faith, which can be private, intended only for God and oneself, or public. Depending on our spiritual state, we are free to choose whether o wear a cross over our clothes, in everyone’s plain sight, or underneath them. On special occasions one can wear a decorative cross to match one’s festive clothes; this is a suitable way to welcome God into one’s heart and to glorify God on an important occasion, because God is Beauty and the source of all beauty, and all the most beautiful things should be dedicated and given to Him.On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the cross not only serves as an outward decoration but also retains its sacred meaning. One has to have special courage, responsibility, fervent faith and determination to live according to God's commandments to wear the cross openly on top of one’s clothes....More

Should we choose items made from precious metals by a talented jeweler, or altogether abstain from wearing any religious jewellery?

Humans can be thought of as aesthetic creatures. The ability to recognize, admire and at least attempt to create beauty is one of the traits that distinguish us from animals. Our sense of beauty may be attributed to the spark of God that lies within the human soul because humans were created in the image and likeness of God, the Creator of all things, and it is this sense of beauty that can help us know God.God Himself is Perfect Beauty (according to Dionysius the Areopagite, Beauty is one of His names), and in seeing the beauty of the world around us, we also sense the presence of God. The same could be said about works of religious art. If they were created by a genuine artist, with love, and reflect this beauty, there is a much greater probability that they will produce a certain feeling for God, make the viewer reach out for Him in their heart....More

About Dona Dei

Dona Dei carefully selects original jewelry of the highest quality that reflects Christian values and traditions. The company creates a professional range of top-quality products for those who appreciate jewelry designed and manufactured with the utmost precision, and is a reliable partner for authors who create religious works of art.The items selected by Dona Dei are marked with special brands from the Lithuanian Assay Office and "dD". Their authenticity, quality and proper delivery are guaranteed by the authors and by Dona Dei as the supplier.The selection is based on the desire to spread Christian art and introduce more people to jewelry that combines Christian symbolism, precious metals and traditions reminiscent of the Byzantine Empire....More

About the Master Jeweler

Yuri Feodorov is an artist who has spent over 35 years working with small sculptural items of an iconographic nature. He graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mechanics at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and completed an evening course in drawing at the Ilya Repin State Academy Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.He has created several collections of personal sacred items, including cross pendants, scapulars and foldable icons, which are mass-produced using a casting technique and reflects his personal creativity, as well as his studies of ancient Russian and Byzantine art, his participation in archaeological expeditions and thematic exhibitions of Orthodox artwork.The artist is the author of the book “The image of the Cross” (2000), dedicated to the history and symbolism of cross pendants. Y. Feodorov’s collection is constantly exhibited at jewellery exhibitions and exhibitions of Orthodox items in Russia and abroad. He has received multiple certificates of appreciation for his work. Yuri Feodorov is a member of the Union of Russian Artists....More
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