“Dona Dei” online store opening!

Dear visitors,

It is our pleasure to announce that on July 27th our company “Dona Dei” has opened the online store at the address: www.donadei-shop.com.
“DonaDei” offers unique jewelry by one of the most talented artist from St. Petersburg Yuri Feodorov, the author of an equisite collection of cross pendants, scapulars, foldable icons, reliquaries, Easter eggs and other objects of fine iconic plastic art.
Every piece of jewelry carries a deep spiritual meaning of the ancient relics conveyed by means of the iconographic and symbolic language of ecclesiastical art which was built over the centuries long history of the Orthodox Church. Every work has a detailed description providing the historical and theological context to help a better appreciation of the spiritual value of jewelry. Over 35 years of creative work, Feodorov has only created about 200 works of fine iconic plastic art.

Following the old traditions, he uses engraving and optical tools to manually carve the model in its natural size. Jewelry articles are then manufactured from state-of-the-art materials by modern vacuum-pressure-casting machines from SHULTHEISS (Germany) which allows to reproduce the finest details of the original design. All finishing operations, including partial plating with a wear-resistant 5 microns layer of gold, embossment of the relief in black and artistic processing, are done manually.
All pieces of jewelry undergo quality control by the author, who checks the artistic as well as technical quality of the completed work. Circulation of all jewelry designs is limited. Each design is a result of the meticulous research and pious work efforts by the author, not a copy of any historical heritage object.

The high demand for the art work of Yuri Feodorov coupled with the limited circulation of designs has led to the appearance on the market of a great number of pirated copies and look-alikes. By acquiring art work from official partner Dona Dei you can be assured that you have bought the items that were created by master Yuri Feodorov in his Artistic Workshops*.

* All pieces of jewelry are manufactured at the company “Feodorov Art Studio” in St. Petersburg. Yuri Feodorov is the founder and director of the company, and the company is the sole holder of the copyright and exclusive rights for all jewelry designs created by the artist.

We would like to hear Your thoughts and suggestions about our store “Dona Dei”, so please do not hesitate to write us at the following address: info@donadei-shop.com.

Thank you!

“Dona Dei” team

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  1. Cherry Williams - 08/20/2016

    Absolutely love your blessed jewelry. How fortunate to be blessed with such a talent and an inmate love of religion

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