Do we need sacred items?

straipsniai 475x339Today, religious items are included among the products offered by virtually any jewelry store. The supply and demand on the contemporary church market have been affected by the continuing revival of religious sentiment, and, which is more important, by the harmony, beauty, wholeness and unity we can attain in the Holy Spirit. Modern consumers may not understand the difference between mass-produced goods and genuine religious art, but even so, they can sense it on an intuitive level. The perception of art requires as much effort as its creation, while a sacred item, due to the presence of God’s grace, can trigger a rather painful feeling in a guilt-ridden soul. If we want to remain formally Orthodox while clinging to our favorite sins, we are more likely to choose a fake over a true relic, all the more so that the former are invariably cheaper. Of course, the main crisis we are experiencing is not economic but spiritual. When we learn to do and offer to our neighbor that which is more helpful, rather than that which can be sold more successfully, the world will become a better place. We invite anyone who loves and appreciates religious jewellery to co-operate with us, and may God help you in all your good deeds.

Prepared in accordance with:

“Russia in Jewellery”, № 4 (28), July 2010, pp. 68-69

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